Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Human of the year.

You know when you throw every bitching accusation at somebody in an attempt to make yourself feel better by them feeling bad and then they go and admitt to all of it in a second without even trying to defend themselves or give me the satisfaction of them feeling any remorse for whatever it might have been that pissed me off.

Well i hate when that happens, and you- smartass, do it all the time.

I love how when im not feeling jolly and chirpy, my friends dont skip to me smiling. We're all so in sync. Its weirdly refreshing and kind of emo, haha, who cares. But how about just not eating? yes, my pretty red head and i will conquer.

Oh, and happy spring to everybody. Its just that much closer to summer, a season that makes me happy just laying outside.

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