Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The loneliness of the outdoor smoker.

Its so hot today. I smell cucumber-ish, its my deodrant, the new one. Its so fresh. Im subconsciously trying to energize myself. With summer fresh deodrant. Ok. It does make me sound weird.

Putting on my floral summer dress after school today made me a bit chirpy. It makes me litteraly want to dance, even though i have nothing to dance about.

I have nothing looming in my head that i need to hastily write down and post. Im just in a state of not caring? There should be a better word for that. I wish i cared though. Since its exams in a few days. Since i haven't spoken to you in a couple of days. Since im losing all traces of my friendship with her. Since i have that thing, little but so HUGE at the same time type of thing that keeps tugging at me, reminding me of you. Of what could be, sweet sweet disposition.

Mxit isn't working. How pathetic that its bothering me. A mobile social network has consumed me. I'll just phone you instead.

Yesterday nicola showed courtney and i these really weird subliminal messages disney movies have. Like the words 'sex' and pictures of penises hidden in movies like the lion king and the little mermaid and aladan etc. In ad's its suppose to make it subconsciously more appealing. Its pretty sick, kiddy movies, what the hell. Seriously though, youtube it. Its kinda cool.

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