Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Take away the lump in my throat. Slow down my pulse.

When i have that gut feeling, its almost always right.

It always consists of you either lying or right out hurting me, not physically, but you might aswel pick up a brick and slam it into my face. It still wouldn't come close to what im feeling now.

Why? Why do you conjure up little fictitious stories or alibis, what the fuck happened to honesty? Seriously? When did people stop knowing how to ever tell the truth.

Avoiding me, pretending you dont get those calls and texts, all that doesn't do anything but postpone the inevitable.

You having to tell me the truth.

Its pathetic. Its stupid. Its pretentious.

I dont wanna sit here waiting for you. Anticipating. Playing out all different situations and things i'd say. I dont wanna feel this way. Lied to. betrayed. Hurt.

Stop wanting to keep this, us, perfect, cause we arent. You arent. I see that now, you're just another jerk. Just another person i dont wanna give myself to. Except i'v already giving you all of me, and i dont know how to hate you. I love you.

Anymore of this, you, and i'll be numbed into oblivion.


  1. Trying to hate someone you love, I've been there. The easiest thing is to stop caring. It helps lessen the pain.
    I also wanted to tell you that your blog is so genuine, I can relate to it.
    Keep that sentimental heart going.

  2. the easiest thing isn't that easy,
    thanks so much :)