Monday, August 30, 2010

Kissing the lipless.

Its been a few days, i haven't been feeling inspired to write. Not that im in a bleak-ish mood or anything. Just been having a rush of emotions: fear, confusion, anticipation, nostolgia, love, lust. It's crazy, i dont know.

This weekend was a fail, atleast saturday was, i hate his sarcastic comments and sardonic expressions. And his beautiful face.

Shannon's dinner party on friday was good, chinese, drinks and pretty friends. They're really pretty. And then judging a bunch of rock type kids at buckley's, dont know why we sat there criticising them, but only the death-loving-looking ones. Had a few shallow moments.

Note to self: try not to be shallow.

I've been planning the itinerary (which sounds way too professional) for the pathetic excuse of a holiday. One week, what the fuck. Trains to town. Trains to kalk bay. Camping with shrooms. It all comes down to alot of playtime.

This morning i realised how much of your attention i crave, i wish i didn't.

Back to reading that vampire novel, its the good kind, kinky almost. Not the glitter glowing gay type.

Extra math is gonna brain fuck me, i think i wont go today. Yes, i wont go.

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