Monday, October 18, 2010

This abuse feels like home. loat_on_by_pakpao.jpg

The past weekend's been very busy, eventful, fun even. Actually shockingly lurid.

The mexican kitchen was, well thinking about it now makes me want to go back and just eat all their food. Rafiki's was well everybody knows how that is. Fun. And then marissa and i went to claremont. Tanta and tin roof was unhinged.

Needless to say i was intoxicated for most of my weekend as usual. I might just have a little situation on my hand.

I think that ross did a few demented things this weekend, like intentional alcohol poisoning to see if i'd care enough to tell him to stop before he jumped off a really high balcony. But, it was stupid. So i just told him to be less of a nitwitted bonehead. One i actually care enough about to stick around for.

masa da by ~pOhpOHh on deviantART

I always moan, and talk about him. But i guess this is why i started this. To aimlessly babble about the bullshit nobody else wants to hear about all the time. Sometimes i can't verbalize any of this anyway and when i sit and write it just comes naturally. This will be my place to come and be elated and euphoric or wistful and deplorable. This will be my kitschy place.

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