Wednesday, October 20, 2010

backstage sluts double drop.

im getting giddy thinking about this weekend, its spring tide. party on the beach, camps bay. i made my own high waisted denim shorts out of moms old jeans from the sixties. they look cool. everybody around me - as in my friends, not the rest of these screwballs- are so pretty. not that im shallow or superficial, im just happy they're all so stunning.

im in a happy mood today. im bunking my life skills class, it's pathetic anyway.
ross is coming by after school and we had a cryptic heart-to-heart last night so i want to talk to him. its easy to talk to him. i just say everything and anything.

even the thinhgs i don't admit to myself.

i just want to put on something other than this hideous flowery dress, indulge in something alcoholic, talk and laugh and be with my friends. oh and a dunhill would be swell. a whole box would actually be a slap-up.


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