Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here's the truth... / Nicotine Kills

i feel alone. all alone in the mesh of us.

 i know i shouldn't but you just don't give me enough. you say you're giving me all of you and i guess i just don't believe you. you probably shouldn't anyway. i'll take and take from you trying to make you more mine but like everything else, i'll fuck this up. i want too much, even if i don't give any of me back to you.

 i always end up breaking you down, making you feel worthless. i won't allow myself to feel any hurt so i make you the object of all my attention.

 i obsess. it eats at me, tearing away bits of whatever i have left inside. i try to talk to anyone but just lie again. they don't care. they ask, they pretend to listen, they're all just here around me but don't even know me. so i build my walls. indestructable barriers. you think that i let you in, a little maybe. but you're wrong. i didn't let you in, nobody ever really knows everything. sure you know snippits but i don't let you completely in. you'll just hurt me, then leave.

so i won't give you anything to take with you when you go. 

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