Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Why wont you come over here, we've got a city to love.

Today was one of those days that starts off sleeping late, all chilled out and ends in a way you never expected it to. I love those nights.

So after a massive rib feast at spur with Ross, we picked megan and ginge up to take a drive. Called up Bruce, got 5grams and went up signal hill. I rolled a massive joint, seriously it was fucking colossal. It kinda looked like a bouquet of roses, one of those pineapple express joints. We whipped out the sex camera and had a few laughs. It was a good night. We even dropped by Lauren's place, shes hot. Kinda weird cause she's megans sister, but she has a cute teagan&sara hair cut.

I smoked so much, even a bit out of the multi coloured pipe we take everywhere but im not too high. But im probably rambling on about that.

3more days untill christmas, i love the holidays. If only i was back in argentina it would amazing.

Im going to read 'Looking for Alaska' again, just cause i read some quote from a chicks blog and remembered how awesome that book is.

Im in bed, ipod blaring in my hears, the strokes are litteraly pasturing my entire body. Juicebox has got to be my favourite song, happy song. Besides any of the xx or Matt&Kim. Why the fuck can i only play the violin? Its an utterly pathetic instrument compared to piano or guitar.

Blogging kinda high is a daft thing cause if i dont have much of an inspiration i just talk a whole bunch of shit, jumping from one thought to another in the whole city of musings my head holds.

Goodnight world, see you in the morning with a cigarette and a roadtrip to see stacey since she got kicked out her house.


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