Monday, December 20, 2010


Its been weeks. Good weeks. I've been far too busy to post, endless intoxication and just pure bliss. Schools out, i get to spend so much time with ross, everyday infact, i haven't left his side since my last exam practically.

Days and days with friends, goin away to langebaan. That was the best infact most freaking awesome way to start summer vaca. Tequila is starting to taste like an odd lemon juice. Haha, wait that sounds a tad alcoholic.

Everythings great, and this post is gonna be like a darn thesis if i thoroughly catch up where i left off. So just know, im happy, things are good. I love life.
And im slowly moving on, it shows when we go out, like last night at La med, i wasn't too bothered with him, i could actually have my own fun.

When a girl you once knew becomes gilded.

Oh and listen to The Zutons and The Strokes, im pretty much in lesbians with them right now.

My mission to get Kings of Leon tickets are looking up!

I'll start posting more often, but the holiday keeps me occupied. I'll try.

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