Monday, December 20, 2010

my daisychain.

Sometimes i feel so socially awkward, and not with guys, more with girls. Actually only with you.

I so badly want to talk to you, and show you that we have so much in common yet i sit there like a mute retard, it's just so fucking stupid. I want to get to know you and share my secrets, i want to laugh with you. Thats what girls do right? I think. I mean i do that with my friends but, with you i dont know what my liking towards you is.

But im so hopelessly awkward around you while you exude the most intrigueing confidence and smell of sweet magnetism. Your allure seems to leave my heart beating in my throat.

I can't be myself around you, it's not that i think you wont fancy me but im too scared to try so now you probably think im boring and shy. I swear, im not.

FUCKSAKES, you intimidate me. A considerable amount.

If people were rain, i'd be drizzle and you'd be a hurricane.

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